Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Out to Lunch

November Compass
My brain was out to lunch as I was sewing on this today. See those dark blue pieces? I cut them the wrong size but didn't realize it until I had sewn on all four and ironed them and was getting ready to  sew the next piece! out came the seam ripper, which is not fun at all with foundation piecing.

Once I overcame that setback, I sewed the next pieces on, which were the green/gold pieces of the inner pinwheel. Guess what? I had them positioned wrong. All. four. of. them.

I made good friends with my seam ripper today.
I was not defeated.



  1. oh, man. I hate that. I really hate when I sew things on wrong with foundation piecing. Your compass sure looks fantastic now, though!

  2. Oh, my word, it is stunning! Sharon, you do beautiful work!

  3. I make friends with seam ripper every time I foundation piece! LOL

    Your block looks stunning!!!

  4. I seriously hate when I do stuff like that. Glad it all worked out though. It's beautiful!

  5. I think I've only made one block without my seam ripper. Your block looks great!


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