Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stashing "color": it's finally here!


and Flowers...

I have been so excited for the new collection "simply color" from Moda...and it has finally arrived at my quilt shop!! Of course, I had already ordered a layer cake because I just couldn't wait! These fabrics are soooo pretty and they have coordinating ombre solids, which I am excited to experiment with. I did pick up some those at the shop.

These paperwhites are growing in a plastic picnic cup, the beautiful result of a first grade science project: forcing bulbs and observing how they change as the plant grows. My little professor brought this home on Monday with the assignment to continue adding his observations to his "bulb book".
While I was taking the picture, I had him smell the flower (which I think smells lovely), he wrinkled up his face and said it smells like fish food. whatever.

I am working like mad woman on my fan quilt ready to finish! what are you doing?



  1. Heehee! When my boys were little they didn't appreciate flowers, either, but they soon learned that mom melted if they picked some wildflowers in the pasture and presented them to her. Scheming little guys!
    Love the fabrics, and I'm working like mad to finish a table runner so I can work on a design with a sponsor's fabrics! LOL

  2. I am smiling in the Aveda salon enjoying your blog. At home I am quilting a silly Seattle card for mom's Christmas gift. Wish u were here w me sipping tea. Em

  3. And the quilt behind the flowers is beautiful and happy


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