Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Indoor Voice, Please

I have noticed a growing popularity of "low volume" quilts, or "indoor voices", using a monochromatic palette of light value fabrics. I am loving them!
Awhile back I showed you when my mom was cutting out low volume hexagons for a new project, here is a little progress on that,

Look closely at how cute these prints are, such a great variety! (do you see the one with bras in the top picture?) She has made a twin size charm quilt! The hexagons are about six inches and machine pieced.

I have been thinking about starting something with my Lucy's Crab Shack layer cake from last summer.

Disclaimer: I don't want you to think I am starting another project without finishing something, I have some finishes to show coming up, just working on patterns and binding and such. wink!

As for Lucy's, I had the inspiration to pull out all the low volume squares (there are lots in that collection) and add some really intense solids for small bits of excitement here and there. I will be back with an update when there is light for pictures.

It's weird, I feel kind of funny plotting and petting fabric after the kids go to bed, like I'm being sneaky staying up after bedtime. Usually we all play together (they with their pirates and knights, me with my sewing).

Have a great week. I am freezing, but anxiously awaiting spring. There is hope.


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