Sunday, February 17, 2013

Putting it together: Mariner's compass

I slacked a bit on my monthly compass block in January. I made the components but didn't assemble the block due to that fact that I used if for my class, then set it aside in my frenzy to work on other things.
I now have six compasses completed:
the first five (August through December)
 I made the first five just compasses with no background attached because I wasn't sure how the final quilt would be assembled. For my January/February step, I made a completed block:

I am starting to formulate a plan for setting the blocks into a finished quilt. I thing the corners will be like this one with half gray and half blue. The great thing about this quilt is that all the fabrics came from my staff except the gray background, which I had to buy a bigger piece of.

to make the split background, I  pieced the compass in four parts or quadrants, but didn't piece them together into a circle.
I made two with solid background corners, one with gray (below) and one with blue.
for the split background, I used half of the template, adding quarter inch seam allowance to the bias edge:
You need two of each color, mirror images. I sewed one blue to one gray to form two full background corner pieces, then pieced them to two of the compass pieces.
piece the four units together and there you go!
I have tutorials on skills used to make these compasses. See the Tutorial photos on my right sidebar or at the top of the page if you are interested. This will be  a series project, so I will keep showing you how I build this quilt.
Stay tuned to see how to piece a full circle into a solid fabric background square.

have a great week! Linking up to Lynette's block of the month party and WIP Wednesday.

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  1. I love that background setting! These are each so gorgeous. They're going to make an amazing quilt. And thanks so much, Sharon, for taking the time to work up the tutorials. They are greatly appreciated.

  2. Wow, they are so amazing.
    Great work.

    Liebe Grüße Grit

  3. I love your blocks. They are so beautiful. Thanks for the tutorials. Hugs

  4. I think your design is gorgeous. I'm looking forward to see the finished quilt!

  5. Great work! Love how the background looks....stunning!

  6. Your blocks are so beautiful. I love the colors you have used. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous. Kathleen

  7. Your mariner's compasses are so lovely! These will make for a lovely finish!

  8. Those are gorgeous! I am falling so hard for compass stars right now!

  9. Your Mariners Compasses are beautiful!

  10. These Compass blocks are amazing. Yours was the first picture that caught my eye at WIP Wednesday. I look forward to looking through the rest of your work!


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