Piecing "bumpy" Curves

This tutorial is to show my method of "piecing" curved units that contain a lot of seams/pieces. When these units are pieced the tradition way (matching right sides and sewing curve), it is easy to  end up with lost points and too much bulk, causing the piece to  be lumpy.
This method improves the preservation of sharp points and you also end up with a nice flat quilt block.

The partial NY beauty block shown is block #12 from the book "Beauty 'n Check", but the technique could be used for any similar piecing.

Materials needed: Foundation paper, print pattern on foundation
fabrics: 2 1/2 inch strips of 5-10 different colors (the pattern is most effective if made with solid or "read as solid" fabrics)
cut out the foundations, leaving a generous amount of paper along the INNER curve of each piece, but cutting along the SEWING LINE of the outer curve (this will leave no "seam allowance" on your paper foundation, see above). 
Plan your fabric and color placement and piece each curve.
Leave the outer-most pieced unit (the flying geese) untrimmed.
Trim the middle arc (the dog tooth piece) so that you have approximately 1/2 inch of fabric outside the edge of the foundation on the outer curve, see below:

back of the middle arc
fold the excess fabric over the edge of the paper and press thoroughly, creating a finished edge on the front of the unit as shown below:

place the middle arc unit over the outer arc unit, lining up the two end edges and being careful to  maintain the points on each piece.
Using a thread that matches closely with the fabric of the inner arc (pink), stitch the arcs together. I have used a regular top stitch that blends in with the quilting on the finished quilt, or use a decorative stitch or other applique stitch if that is available on your machine. see below.

Next, follow the same steps as above to attach the inner arc, the long sharp points, see below.
You have a quarter of one NY Beaty circle, a block that is nice a flat with sharp points!
Make three more to complete the circle.

To place these units onto a background fabric to form a square block, simply iron freezer paper onto the back of the background fabric (for stabilizing). Follow the steps above to finish the outer edge of the arc and stitch it down to the background in the same fashion as each of the inner arcs were done.


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